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Our services includes analog electronic technology, digital electronics and IC design, product design range from  consumer product to industrial control  product, embedded systems, and high speed digital communication circuit  and RF products.

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Single Use Endoscope Power Module
Endoscope Database Collection Module
Button Control System
Miniature AHRS
M305 Cortex A9 核心???/div>
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Single Use Endoscope Power Module

Single Use Endoscope Power Module

Endoscope Database Collection Module

Endoscope Database Collection Module

Button Control System

Button Control System

Low cost smart medical button control system summary

So far China's MR, CT and other high precision medical imaging systems have been developing rapidly. However most patents are still underGE,Siemens and Philips who are leaders in this field. Not only is purchasing the patent very costly, but also the complicated design requires lots of expensive materials.

To provide for our tremendous increase in demand for basic medical facilities there must be a low cost domestic medical imaging system suitable for China. This will help to improve the medical standard for smaller cities and towns. Now domestic grade medical imaging factories are trying to rapidly research and develop this kind of products. These include such companies as Shanghai Lian Ying, Shen Yang Dong Ruan, Chengdu Ao Tai...., Low cost products need to guarantee all functions can be accurate,easy system, short research develop period ,easy to use,implement ,and low maintence,our company based on Microchip platform low cost smart medical button system has made new practical reference for low cost medial image control.

Our product is made of Microchip MCP23517(SPI interface expand),MGC3130(similar to sensor three dimension track and motion control module) DSPI33FJ128G202(DSP),MCP2515(Main cable control) ,support gesture and button double input,high precision,fast respond,expandable,low cost and many other outstanding character,it is the mostmature,stable control programme among same field,now this programme has successfully solve the requirements of similar industry. Has already been used by many MR,CT factories such as United Image,Alltech.

Working principle

Main Chip

Key Customer

Miniature AHRS

Miniature AHRS


Miniature AHRS is a very small size, high precision, high performance strapdown inertial attitude measuring system.
The system make use of the latest MEMS technology with high precision three axis gyro sensor, three axis acceleration sensor and three axis magnetic field sensors, using 32-bit ARM CortexM3 high-speed MCU computation, can measure azimuth Angle of the static state or the state of the movement of the locomotive and carrier in 3d space without any other external signal.


The aircraft flight attitude and the heading measurement, for example:

1. unmanned plane

2. The robot control
3 T he ground transportation
4. Ship hull stability control
5. Camera pan control

6. Instruments, for example: attitude device, electronic compass

7. Intelligent remote control, such as the WII

8. Assisted navigation, GPS blind area calculation

The system characteristics:

1. The very small volume: 18 x 14 * 3.5 mm, weight only 0.9g.

2. Low power consumption: normal maximum current work is only 30 MA

3. Fast response: fast dynamic response

4. High precision: attitude Angle precision can reach 0.1%, heading accuracy of 1 degree

5. The built-in automatic correction function, the greatest degree filter outside disturbance

6. Automatic temperature compensation.
7. Acording to customers' specific application to optimize output information or custom.

M305 Cortex A9 核心???/span>

M305 Cortex A9

M306 Cortex A9 核心???/span>

M306 Cortex A9